Aloha and welcome to the Flowering Jungle! Happy to have you here! Below you’ll find a little bit more about Monster Rally and why I hope you’ll join the Flowering Jungle community.

What is the Flowering Jungle Newsletter?

The Flowering Jungle Newsletter is a monthly email by me, Ted, aka Monster Rally. I’ve been looking for a way to connect with everyone more directly instead of always through the lens of social media and I thought a monthly newsletter might be a great way to do it. So, welcome to the Flowering Jungle!

Who is Monster Rally?

Monster Rally is the musical and visual project of Cleveland native Ted Feighan. Inspired by vintage exotica, world music and the plants & animals of the natural world, Monster Rally's music takes listeners on cinematic journeys through lush imaginary landscapes, both familiar and foreign. His collage art is the perfect accompaniment to the sounds, creating a colorful world all its own. 

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How do I subscribe?

There are three ways you can transport yourself to the jungle.

Subscribe for free and you’ll receive a monthly newsletter with some behind the scenes pictures and updates from the Monster Rally studio.

If you want to help support my work and get a bunch of cool stuff at the same time you can choose to pay $6 per month. With that you’ll get:

  • Exclusive access to unreleased music downloads available nowhere else but here

  • Monthly digital downloads of phone/desktop wallpapers, artwork and more

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If you really want to support Monster Rally and help me continue creating this world, you can choose to pay any amount over $66. With that you’ll get everything in the above section, plus an exclusive art print for founding members only!*

*due to international shipping costs, this only applies to US subscribers.

Thank you all for your support of my music and art for so long. When I started this project in 2010 I never would have imagined I’d be where I’m at now and I owe so much of that to this awesome community.

I’ll see you in the Jungle!


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